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Friday, 1 July 2011


hello all agarwood lovers ".. :)

After about a years up ,i'm not up date my blog,..now there is a little time to share my new fresh oud oil product ,when this is actually are improvement from my oud product before,..let me introduce " the Green Bangkawi "

made from selected & secret composition from high quality of genuine wild agarwood material from directly deep of forest + special extraction carefully process by my hand directly..so,the smell /scent are wonderfull tropical woody sweet,enjoyed deep & soft scent untill to your brain & eyes,..spoiled it yourself with genuine & real pure 100 % from the scent of green bangkawi on your body & clothes...or even if you want to eat it as medicine,..it 100 % safety .

so,we are confident to introduce this Green Bangkawi oud to you agarwood oil lovers..
try the uniquely scent of green bangkawi & get it oud from directly distiller from directly agarwood from our island source.

note : the oud oil & bottle display on the photos is our own property,actually we sell it on generally tola bottle like same ussually in the market,but you can order us for special bottle like on the photos + bottle charge..:) thank you.


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