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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

agarwood Raw material and procesed

was called ' cincang /tatalan "

some of agarwood raw material i'am collected from "gaharu " hunters in Bangka island & perhaps i must back to my home in the bangka island to put /collected the low grade agarwood from wild agarwood in junggle with helpers from my lovely dad , my uncle ,& my best friend " baye " allhamdulillah.My dad " choose quality grade gaharu agarwood resin and he sell it to arabian trader in my town.Beside that,i'am collected a low grade agarwood making to small chips .

To make a small chips of agarwood raw material , i use with traditional hand methods . and i also work to slicer /cut a hard ( big ) piece the agarwood material and next step, small chips are ready soaked into water for view days to distill become an oil.

ready soaked into water

now, i'am ready to doing distilation

About Agarwood / Aloeswood / Gaharu ( Oud oil )

Our country ,Indonesia , have many kind of aqualaria.sp agarwood species like it " Malacenssis and Microcarpha.agarwood oil is a product from agarwood trees,but from low grade agarwood .The price this oil is very expensive now,especially in Saudi Arabia. I have a small destilation machine in my home ,where i'am use it to make a agarwood oil.I choose to distilate agarwood a little from Bangka island (sumatra),because they have a many same smells/aroma character and the smell of chips is also almost one the best agarwood smell in the world.

I spent 3- 4 days to extract this agarwood low grade raw material to make oil & processed untill the" oud " is pure. Oil has ready sell to arabian traders in jakarta,riyadh,and bangladesh with size,which the name is " TOLA"( about 12 cc ) .The scent oud oil from my distilation machine is sweet,soft,woody,naturaly,fruity and fresh .And the colour is variatif like a dark tea brown, and dark green.

I'am very enjoy it process to make "oud "oil, because i like it & this is my hobby to.where the oud oil from my distilation machine has done..and i put a little in my hand, & i'am very like to smell it...the feel like's .....umm...sorry...i can't to explain it. : ) you never forget the smell ".....

Monday, 12 January 2009


" THE GOLD FROM NATURE " yes," we can say that, ..how this is not ? who don't know the famous this tree of AGARWOOD / ALOESWOOD or the malay people in the asia especially in Indonesia they call it with " GAHARU (GARU ) ".

As we know almost all part of this tree can use it & some of them have a very expensive price, such as : agarwood chips/resins & agarwood oil ( OUD OIL ).and the other part now,can be use it is agarwood leaves ,the leaves can be make a agarwood tea,when the function it to fit our body stamina. do you accepted ?