OUD AL BANGKAWI,Jl.Jendral sudirman no.184 Sungailiat -BANGKA,INDONESIA

Monday, 11 January 2010


this simple video i'm ceated editing by my self,where the picture on this video,i'm getting from blog on internet where they stories about beautifully of my bangka island,university of bangka belitung stock picture ,fotographer and music theme by our region local band " klaki band " many thanks for all of you guys,. this video purposes only to more introduce our island to all people in the world & to support our province government programs " visit babel archipelago 2010,where that contains like you see on the video some of our beach view,jungle,a traditional tribe ritual + tradition/culture and a little some either of our island commodity.. : ) the singing stories and said to all people must be don't forget it the traditional song,they culture,the place they born,together keeping our tradition,etc. where in this time, many people by now was forget it and leave it they culture customs. : )

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