OUD AL BANGKAWI,Jl.Jendral sudirman no.184 Sungailiat -BANGKA,INDONESIA

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Alhamdulillah.....in the end of this april .. there is special guest /buyer from saudi arabia..
the name is mr. Abdul Malik,.he come and visit my island only to see me & buy my agarwood chips and view tola agarwood/oud oil ..i'am very happy ..thank you to allah subhanawata'alla.

This is very unique stories,..next before that,..he don't trust me,..there are wild agarwood tree in bangka island and he think's if in bangka island having agarwood tree this is only made from injection by human hand not from nature..mr.abdul only know high quality agarwood tree only in borneo /kalimantan,..

mr.Abdul see wild agarwood tree in jungle

I said to mr.abdul " Okay, i will invite you ..we will see wild nature agarwood tree in bangka island jungle.. " and he agree it,..after that,we ride motorcycle together to jungle near of my home ,about 10 kilometers and we walk about 4 kilometers in wild deep forest,.. to see wild agarwood tree and surely find agarwood resins tree position.a long of our jouney in jungle i shown view of agarwood tree ,there are wild agarwood tree in jungle with a good tree condition,..Mr.abdul malik very happy to see it,..last that,we find position big agarwood tree in bad condition.its looks like having a resins in this tree

Directly mr.Abdul Malik check it tree condition, and he try to prediction the age of this tree with how many agarwood resins in that tree...after that,..mr.Abdul very happy,.. he kiss the tree for view times and embrace the tree...at the sime time he crying & pray to the god..i don't know what all this means...but,from this case that i known maybe mostly arabian people very very fanatic to agarwood ? or mr.abdul is sufism man ,where mostly of the people often talking about it..? waallahu'allam,.....this is still mystery for me..... : )

After that,we cut big one of agarwood tree,where indicate looks like having a resins /chips ,..we colected agarwood chips one by one from the tree to clean it ,and at the same time i'am colected to good quality raw material to make "OUD OIL "& we come back to my home,afternoon

At the night,mr.abdul,...see me & my dad.. he talking to us,he will buy all of our agarwood chips stok that has ready in my home & he said " he like my oud smell ,.. its very different smell for a long time he arround the asian countries...this is sweet woody oud but soft, with nice colour.." that he said,...

so..allhamdulillah..i'am very happy to hear that...,because this is appreciation for me & i'am happy,this means of,.. my customer satisfied when they buy my oud...after that..he buy..7 tola's my oud stock & from now,..he want contract me,to make oud for he, about 15-20 tola / mounth .i'am pray to my god ( thank you ya Allah..to give me this change ).


JN OILS said...

this one made me laugh when i first read it, brother can i talk about tis on my website http://agarwoodnews.com


hi,brother dawood...:)
ha..ha..ok go ahead talking on your site bro :) ( i'm only write what i see directly ..he..he.. )