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Tuesday, 13 January 2009

About Agarwood / Aloeswood / Gaharu ( Oud oil )

Our country ,Indonesia , have many kind of aqualaria.sp agarwood species like it " Malacenssis and Microcarpha.agarwood oil is a product from agarwood trees,but from low grade agarwood .The price this oil is very expensive now,especially in Saudi Arabia. I have a small destilation machine in my home ,where i'am use it to make a agarwood oil.I choose to distilate agarwood a little from Bangka island (sumatra),because they have a many same smells/aroma character and the smell of chips is also almost one the best agarwood smell in the world.

I spent 3- 4 days to extract this agarwood low grade raw material to make oil & processed untill the" oud " is pure. Oil has ready sell to arabian traders in jakarta,riyadh,and bangladesh with size,which the name is " TOLA"( about 12 cc ) .The scent oud oil from my distilation machine is sweet,soft,woody,naturaly,fruity and fresh .And the colour is variatif like a dark tea brown, and dark green.

I'am very enjoy it process to make "oud "oil, because i like it & this is my hobby to.where the oud oil from my distilation machine has done..and i put a little in my hand, & i'am very like to smell it...the feel like's .....umm...sorry...i can't to explain it. : ) you never forget the smell ".....


sufism said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

brother can you ship an uood oil bottle to pakistan? and also howmuch is the price.

Jazaak ALLAH


waalaikumsalam warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu...

my brother,...i can shipp it to pakistan..but the cost for shipping to pakistan is very expensive...ussually i used by FEDEX. the price for one tola is us$ 220 not including shipping cost.barakallah to you...jazaakallah.